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Metric Converter 2.46

Simple yet powerful utility to convert between a plethora of metric units

Despite its name, Metric Converter converts between much more than just different units within the Metric System. Actually, among its more than 150 units available, you will find units from the Imperial System, Fahrenheit and Kelvin degrees, color codes, computer storage units, and even different Imperial units for the US and the UK, when necessary. If you happen to miss some other units on the list, you can add them yourself and, thus, create your own custom units.

Everything you need to perform the conversion is in the program’s one-screen interface. The program uses tabs to classify the 18 different types of units you can use – namely, Acceleration, Angle, Area, Color Code, Computer, Distance, Flow, Force, Light, Mass, Power, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time, Volume, Volume - Dry, and an extra tab for your custom units. All you have to do is choose the right category, a “From” and “To” pair of units, and type in the amount you wish to convert. The result will appear in the “Output” field as you type, allowing you to make corrections on the fly.

You can use your clipboard both to insert a new value in the “Input” field without typing it and to save the resulting value for you to use it somewhere else. Both operations can be performed using the shortcut keys provided, and the same is true for the inversion of the units selected, a truly useful feature that not only will save you time but will also help you to avoid making mistakes. Additionally, you can open your OS calculator from within Metric Converter just by using the shortcut provided.

Probably the program’s most interesting feature is the possibility of creating your own units and conversions. Custom units are easy to create and use – all you need is a reference unit that will be used as a basis for calculating all other custom units related to it. All custom units will be stored in the tab provided and can be modified and deleted at any time.

Metric Converter is an excellent free tool that will cover all your unit conversion needs in a snap. It is accurate, light, extremely easy to use, and extendable to as many other units you may ever require.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Support for custom metric units
  • Immediate conversion results
  • Clipboard support
  • Wide range of units


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